Mothers know Jesus through Christmas course

The evangelical church Baptist Zion, in Argentina, opened the temple doors to change the lives of many children. There works the unit of PEPE “Sun Rays”, which has making the difference taking the love of God to 40 homes each year. The impact of PEPE in the community of the neighborhood Usina is so big, that the church seeks to work to reach as well the relatives of the children.

On December of 2019, was organized a Christmas cooking and crafts course for the younger mothers of PEPE students. Our purpose was, besides presenting properly God’s love, give the opportunity to these fighter and suffered women to taste something different and at the same time to learn how to make it so that it can become an income source for the families. As the mothers were from scarce economical resources, the members of the church gathered to offer all the ingredients that would be used in the course (flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, grated coconut, milk…) Everything was offered with a lot of love! Now it was just to start the classes!!!

There three afternoons with a lot of joy where three volunteer teachers dedicated their time to teach 12 mothers the step by step to make delicious pies, cupcakes with Christmas themes, heart biscuits, besides beautiful Christmas ornaments to decorate their houses. All the mothers participated faithfully, and the gospel was palpably presented to them through the love of the teachers and the care of the church.

The classes were started with Bible studies where Jesus was announced as Lord and Savior. Two fruit were reaped: Romina, that has five children being one of them a student of PEPE, and Nancy, that has four children, from which two are PEPE students. There were days of lots of joy in which we heard the mothers saying gratefully: “we do not want the course to finish. We want to keep learning together!”.

At the end, the happiness was so big because all the mothers could eat everything they have prepared and, of course, our pepitos tasted each treat with a lot of satisfaction! I know that through PEPE Jesus continue changing our children lives and as well their mothers. It is worthy to use each opportunity to reach Argentina for Christ!

Coordinator of PEPE Argentina
Adaptation of text: Carmen Lígia