Changing Bolivia with Jesus’ love

Jesus tells us that we should worry about helping the ones that are weak and need our help. I am not talking about only physical weaknesses, but also about emotional weaknesses that comes when we are facing a great problem or passing through very difficult situations like for example, during the separation of our parents, as the family was set up by our God as the basis for the growth and development of the child. That is why it calls our attention for this passage of Mathew 25:40 “when you did it for one of my little brothers, you did it for myself”.

I want to share with you the story of the life of Paula Andrea, a beautiful girl, sister of Javier, an autistic boy that was in PEPE last year.

Their parents had problems in the marriage and they separated. The father left the house and Mrs. Eliana stayed with the responsibility of educating the four children. When the boy Javier was at PEPE, it was always surprisingly to testify the statement that God’s Word does not return empty, because although the family did not show interest that time when the separation happened Mrs. Eliana approached the church and asked for help. Help, that was immediately given. God is so wonderful that he restored the family. The father, after a month of the incident, returned home. Today, the couple is participating of marriage counseling and receiving the help they need to save their marriage and the union of the family.

The mother says that before deciding to ask anyone for help, her daughter Paula, our pepita, told her that should ask God for help to make the family happy. The words of Paula motivated and helped her to decide about asking the help to the church.

Káthia Arredondo
Coordinator of PEPE Bolívia

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