Volunteers make the difference in Cape Vert

PEPE International is a pre-school education program that aims the integral care of the child. PEPE Cape Vert has done all the efforts to offer to the pepitos a good education, seeking to assist spiritual needs, protection against violence, abuse and abandonment, medical and psychological care.

Volunteer professionals of different nationalities are arriving to help with this care. They are dentists, nurses, doctors and other health professionals coming from countries like Germany, United States and South Korea. These volunteers are gathering with local professionals, and together are offering assistance to the pepitos, their parents and the Missionary-educators.

To make sure the continuity of this service, the National Coordination will be signing on the next days a partnership with a local clinic that will offer monthly assistance at the units of PEPE. Inside this partnership the churches responsible for the units will make a minimum contribution as a payment form for them.

Investing on the health of the children of Cape Vert is a priority of PEPE National and PEPE International. Participate with us in this project. Help us to take care of the small ones as Jesus taught us.

Diva Ineiva Fonseca Lopes Monteiro
National Coordinator of PEPE in Cape Vert