Working with children, changing generations!

As a dream coming true, on the day 14 and 15 of October we gathered 160 people among missionary-educators, pastors and coordinators of 16 countries on the online Congress of PEPE Americas. Working with children, changing generations! 

In different countries, even with the difference in time zone, we were gathered to hear what God had to say on our devotionals time which inspired and encouraged us to go forward, conquering barriers to help the children who God send us to take care. 

The conferences were very timely and given in a practical way by our estimated speakers:

Taking care of myself to take of children – Lic. Liliana Farina

Sharing the Missionary DNA of PEPE – Pr. Ruy Oliveira

How to face the missionary challenge in the midst of poverty – Mis. Lucas Mota

Protecting children – Mis. Terezinha Candieiro

Given what we see happening around us today, what are we doing to prepare children to grow up and become adults in this complex world? We were challenged to work to make the world a better place by caring for, protecting, valuing and teaching thousands of children in the Americas to transform their generations! PEPE exists to take care of children today so that tomorrow will be much better, because working with children, we transform generations!

I praise God for our regional coordination team, for the national and area coordinators of each of the 15 countries where we are already working and for the brave missionary-educators and pastors who are on the front lines taking care of children! You are our heroes! 

Pray for the 9,106 children who are in the 15 PEPE countries in the Americas this year and for the 771 missionary-educators who voluntarily work to bring Jesus into all these lives. 

Carmen Lígia
Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas

Translated by Halima Ferreira

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