Twenty new missionary-educators to impact children in Benin and Togo

In July, it was Benin ‘s turn to receive the first basic formation for the country’s first five missionary-educators. We received a team that demonstrates serious commitment to the ministry of PEPE. We took the opportunity to visit the places where the new units will operate, there are many challenges, but despite this, the brothers are excited to start working with the children and the community.

From the 22nd to the 26th of August, we carried out the first part of basic training in Lomé for fifteen missionary-educators who will start working in the new PEPE units in Togo at the beginning of the school year, which begins in September. It was an intense week full of learning for everyone.

One of PEPE’s values is to offer all children a quality education in all domains of development and also in the spiritual, and, to achieve this objective, the formation and improvement of the team is fundamental. The training of educators at PEPE takes place in stages, the first stage has a workload of at least 54 hours of course, covering content in the four areas of child development (physical, cognitive, emotional and social) , conducting class, spiritual growth, child protection, PEPE as a missionary strategy, among others. The second stage takes place throughout the first school year through continuing education meetings that aim to deepen the themes. Finally, we have individual and group activities at different times throughout the school year for the production of pedagogical material, exchange of experiences and updates.

With these new teams of missionaries and educators, it will be possible to reach an additional 140 children and 560 adults in Togo and Benin this new year.

Welcome to the PEPE Network dear missionaries.

Pastor Fernando dos Santos
PEPE Regional Coordinator of West Africa 2

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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