Volunteer work at PEPE Argentina

One of the concerns in PEPE is that the child receives the correct care so that it grows up in good health. For this, we look for strategies to help families with raising financial resources so that children have good food at home. We organize community vegetable gardens, teach them how to make water filters, how to care for the environment by recycling, how to make correct use of food found in the different countries where we are present, etc.

Our PEPE area coordinator in Argentina, Graciela Alencastro, seeing this need, summoned volunteers from the churches and organized theoretical and practical classes in cutting/sewing and pastry, with the children’s mothers. The mothers were called, registered and, thus, the classes were held on Fridays in June, July and August. The group was strengthened with a strong communion and the presence of God felt through the study time.

For the sewing classes, three volunteer teachers teach with a lot of love and patience how to make blouses, dresses, shorts, etc. The objective is that they can acquire useful tools for their lives, at the same time they can sell what they are producing to buy food for their families.

The parents of a former PEPE student, who is now at the university, have a flour mill and donated two bags of wheat flour, weighing 50 kg. Pastry classes were held every Friday in three months,  June, July and August, bringing a very good result both for feeding the children with delicious cakes and breads, as well as for selling and raising funds for families.

As a result of these classes, several mothers converted to the Lord Jesus and were already baptized, being part of the PEPE church, along with their children.

Each child deserves to receive comprehensive care not only when they are in PEPE, but also when they are at home, so we need to seek strategies to help their families.

Carmen Lígia
Coordinator of PEPEs in America

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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