We are PEPE Children!

Something that impressed me and made me sad six years ago when we started the PEPE in
Honduras, was to hear that the children of the Intibucá unit were called “garbage children”.
They were the children of recyclers and often accompanied their parents in their daily work.
They lived in a very precarious way, going through needs due to the scarcity of food, adequate
housing, protection and greater care. Many of them with clothes well worn by wear, skinny
and with sad eyes.

This year, returning to accompany the PEPEs, after two years of pandemic, I received from our
God the joy of being able to return to that unit and meet the children again. But what cheered
me the most was hearing the residents say that those are the “children of PEPE!” By seeing my
surprise, the pastor, smiling, told me that now they are called that because PEPE gave them a
new identity. They’re not dump kids anymore, now they’re PEPE kids!

The pastor quickly told me, “You will now see the other miracles that God performed here
because of the PEPE.” He then took me to see the temple that was once small, with a single
hall that was shared with children and adults, but which is now a two-story building, with the
service hall on the second floor for 200 people and several rooms for PEPE and the Sunday
Bible School on the first floor, Suitable bathrooms and protective places for children. No child
leaves without a delicious lunch and a warm hug from the dear Missionary-Educator.Through
PEPE, God has greatly blessed that missionary church.

Alejandra Milla, PEPE national coordinator, said: “PEPE brings hope, through the Word of God,
to boys and girls in situations of social vulnerability, strengthening the local church and
supporting the community with food, personal hygiene utensils, educational material and a lot
more, so that they are prepared for life and integration into a regular school and society in

This is precisely what Pepe does: it brings hope, transforms generations, gives a new identity, it
opens doors to the future! Let us pray that more PEPEs will be opened throughout Honduras
bringing hope to more children!

Carmen Ligia
Continental coordinator PEPE Americas

Translated by Márcia Garcia

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