PEPE Guatemala reaches Petén

About two months ago, we traveled 10 hours by land to reach San Luis Petén, northern Guatemala, where we saw many children. We talked to Brother Pablo Xol, responsible for five villages in the region, among which, four have already received training for the initiation of PEPE. 

Guatemala is considered as the Heart of the Mayan World, as more than 200 archaeological sites that record Mayan periods are precisely in Petén.

We trained new missionary-educators to start PEPE in: Machaquiamialito, El Naranjo, La Balsa and Berea San José Purulha. Our love and passion for God and the great desire to help those children, has strengthened us to overcome great distances and such difficult paths.

We were able to send boxes with materials; we have already signed the PEPE agreement with the pastors of the villages and today, with great joy, I can say that we have 105 children being reached in the new four units that were opened in Petén.

All for the honor and glory of our God who opened the doors and led us to Petén because He loves and cares for all Guatemalan children. 

Pray and  contribute to PEPE.

Nora Mendoza
National coordinator of PEPE Guatemala

Translated by Márcia Garcia

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