Study to teach to study

DaylisTejada, in 2017, was responsible for the direction of the Nueva Esperanza Baptist Mission in the province of Panama. God placed her to observe very carefully the need of preschool children in the community where the mission was located, and a great desire to improve the quality of education and give new hope to all children was born in her heart. Thus was born the PEPE “Learn with Jesus” which, since its opening, has benefited about 70 children through the application of inclusive education.

With the desire to obtain the suitability to teach the preschoolers, the Missionary-Educator enrolled in the course of Preschool Master Assistant, taught by the University of Labor and Seniority of Panama. A year later, she received her certificate that accredits her to perform this work.

And as it fills us with joy to see our desires fulfilled, as the Word of God reminds us in Proverbs 13:12 – “How sad it is when the desires are not fulfilled! And how it fills us with joy to see our desires fulfilled!” – TLA.

And now, following Daylis’ example, there are four other missionary-educators who started this course, seeking a greater impact of PEPE in the lives of the children benefited.
Pray and contribute to PEPE.

Belén Peñafiel
National coordinator of PEPE Panama

Translated by Márcia Garci

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