PEPE’s new unit starts activities in Togo

At the end of September, we had the joy of starting the activities of the new PEPE unit in Togo. The school year here in Africa starts in September and goes up to June. The country already had two units of the JMM Missionary Program since 2016, but now a new phase of expansion starts in the country.

Togo is a country with 8 million inhabitants, located on the west coast of Africa. One of its challenges is precisely the lack of access to education for a large part of the population, which leads to poor development of children. For this reason, PEPE has been a very important tool to help communities in Togo and also other countries that have a similar outlook.

Education opens doors of opportunities for children. Not only material opportunities, but also the possibility of reading the Bible in their own language and thus, being taught in the word of God. Education is a tool for autonomy in life here and also for eternal life.

We praise God that even with all the challenges posed by the pandemic, the work has advanced and His name has been glorified. We also praise the Lord for you who have prayed, contributed financially and promoted this work so that other people can also be involved.

Pray for PEPE Togo Coordinator Afi-Kuma Djomakou who is working on an action plan to reach more children and more families.

Thank you so much for your support and continue with us on this mission to bring hope and life here in Togo and Benin!

Fernando dos Santos, Pr.
PEPE Regional Coordinator inWest Africa

Translated by Gerson Paulino Raquissone

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