Colombia missionaries-educators achieve higher education

We have a lot to celebrate in the Colombia PEPE family! Fifteen missionary-educators successfully completed their studies at the UNIDAT university. Now, they are Early Childhood Bachelors. Our Colombian PEPE’s coordinator, Adalci de Ávila, shared the news with us with great joy.

We are very proud and satisfied with this important academic achievement, particularly knowing that professional training in education will result in more qualified missionary-educators and, consequently, more prepared children. “Acting with operational excellence is one of our goals at PEPE”, said one of our graduates.

The university’s principal, Pr. Francisco Camargo, signed an agreement with PEPE. The objective is to implement a system of continuous university formation offered exclusively to missionary-educators, with a view to the integral transformation of the entire national team. This is the first class, and the door is opened for new missionary-educators to join the next academic year.

We thank God that we can establish alliances with organizations that adhere to our values ​​and, thus, we can contribute to the enrichment of the actions developed by the Program.

Ongoing training is one of the strategic objectives of PEPE International.

Pr. Rubén González
Regional Coordinator PEPE South America

Carmen Ligia – text editing

Translated by Gerson Paulino Raquissone