PEPE in Mali moves forward!

PEPE in Mali has seven units that function well despite the challenges imposed by the religious, political, and economic context. The team is composed by a national coordinator, 18 Missionaries-Educators, and a foreign volunteer. Our team truly loves this ministry and works hard for the good of children. 

The complementary projects are a great initiative. Soon after the training sections, I share with the team everything I learned during the online training.  We have already implemented nutrition activities. For example, we made a kitchen workshop with children to teach them, in the best way, that everything we eat should be healthy and, in the same sense, we implement sports activities (psychomotricity) which contribute to child’s development. Once the first sports day was over, the kids expressed how much they loved it and keept asking for us to do it again. They want us to do it every day. These activities are part of the structure of educational actions with children. We are also planning to raise parents’ awareness of healthy nutrition at a later date. 

We also created a vegetable garden at two units of PEPE, which helps the community and the PEPE of N’darala and Manatali in the nutritional structure and income of families. 

The only complementary project that has not yet been implemented here in Mali is POPE. Socioeconomic obstacles are holding us back. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that next year we can start POPE.

We rejoice with the existence of PEPE in Mali and pray that the Lord will open doors and speak in the hearts of the leaders to start new PEPE units everywhere in need in Mali.  

Pray and contribute to PEPE.

Amos DEMBELE – National Coordinator.

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