I never thought God would do that in my life!

In 2018, Yaoska Galán’s life changed. It all happened when she decided to support the unit of her daughter Isabella: PEPE “Joyitas de Jesús”, of the Baptist Church of the Resurrection, in Managua, Nicaragua. Yaoska, who was a housewife, took care of the housework in the morning to have the afternoons free to support PEPE as an assistant to the missionary educator.

Throughout that year, Yaoska acquired experience in teaching children, and her love for them grew. Unfortunately, at the end of the year, the missionary educator resigned for health reasons. Yaoska was then invited by the director of that unit to take the responsibility of being the new missionary educator. She accepted the challenge and received the training.

That was only the beginning of Yaoska’s relationship with education. On the basis that PEPE gave her, she continued cultivating the desire to improve herself. To the glory of God, she is currently a fellow of the Ministry of Education and is completing two years of continuous training in the “Development and Learning Course in Early Childhood Education”. She also has three years of experience teaching children at level III, as well as teaching children at her church’s Sunday Bible school. Her life has been transformed!

“I never thought God would do that in my life!” it is what we heard from Yaoska. She also said that she is very grateful to God because since she met PEPE, through her daughter, her life has completely changed. She grew professionally and receives a fixed income from the Ministry of Education to do what she likes most: teach preschool children. She also serves the Lord in her church and community.

We praise God because PEPE brings transformation to the lives of children and also to the lives of their families. To our God, creator of PEPE program, be all glory and all honor!

Sandra Lizeth Detrinidad – PEPE National Coordinator

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues

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