A child with Jesus is a happy child

Matias Fernandez is a boy who is only four years old and is part of PEPE Arca de Noé in Bolivia. When he joined PEPE, he cried for two weeks. He screamed a lot because he didn’t want to stay in the unit. Even so, every day, he was brought by his grandparents or uncles, who were not yet Christians.  

We saw how difficult this time of adaptation and interaction was for him with the new classmates and with the “tias”, our dear Missionary-Educators who, little by little and, with great care, affection, and patience were gaining the attention of little Matias. Each day we noticed a new change in his behavior and, it was possible to see how he was overcoming each stage of adaptation. He became calmer, he was crying and shouting less and was getting close to his new friends and the task tables. He became more focused and began to interact more with the team.  

About two weeks later, we received two new children who were a little shy and scared, and, to our surprise, Matias approached the Missionary Educator and said: I want to be their friend so that they do not feel alone and do not cry. God so clearly worked in the life of our little Matias that today he sings with joy the songs he learns at PEPE and teaches everyone in his house to sing as well. He loves to pray and is so attentive to every step of the PEPE routine that he ends up helping his Missionary Educator so that she does not miss any. 

Matias likes his new friends so much that he asked to throw his birthday party at PEPE, with his Missionary-Educator and his friends, who brought many gifts and made that day a core memory in his life.  

Matias is now a happy child because he knows Jesus. Feeling loved and protected has made all the difference in his life. We know that he is taking Jesus into his house and, we believe by faith, that we will see his whole family walking with God.

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Kathia Arredondo – PEPE Coordinator Bolivia 

Text editing – Carmen Ligia

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