PEPE Bolivia parades impacting the city

PEPE Arca de Noé, in Bolivia, received a special invitation from the Vice Mayor of the municipality of El Paso, to participate in the Teas parade, a very important date of celebration. Parents actively participated by cooperating with the Missionaries-Educators, as this was the first activity carried out in this post-pandemic period. The parents and guardians, accompanied by the Missionaries-Educators, prepared small lanterns, which the children used to illuminate the PEPE logo throughout the parade that took place at night.

All the children were dressed in red and gray uniforms, with a flashlight in one hand and in the other they were protected and guided by their parents, proudly parading through the city streets. When they arrived at the main square of the city, they joined all the authorities present and hundreds of people who were waiting anxiously. That night, PEPE stood out for the large number of children parading with great order, enthusiasm and coordination as they marched.

The next day was the civic parade, where we also participated in the official PEPE uniform. The children chosen for their performance and good behavior were privileged to carry the banner and flag of our country. I was happy to see the parents dressed so elegantly, and smiling proudly, to see their sons and daughters parading in an event of such importance. We dressed other PEPE children in costumes typical of our cochabambina region: with pollera (skirt) and beautiful braids in their long hair, while the boys wore black pants, a white shirt and a black hat. All very beautiful!

We thank God for this opportunity to be able to show God’s love to the community and everyone present. We ask for prayers for the families of our boys and girls.
Thank you so much and many blessings for your lives!

Mary Luz Fonseca Canaviri – National Coordinator of PEPE Bolivia
Translated by Halima Ferreira