Missional vision at PEPE Panama

Seeing a church committed to holistic care and living God’s plan to win children for Christ brings great joy. This is also the fulfillment of the great commission received from our Savior Jesus: “…go and make disciples of all nations…”, including children!

It was with this vision that PEPE Passos de Fe (Steps of Faith) was opened in 2016 in Lídice, and quickly received acceptance from the entire community. The joy of seeing the children walking toward PEPE was great! But, in 2020, with the challenging pandemic situation, classes had to be suspended to avoid contagion and protect children.

The joy of reopening the doors of PEPE this year was overwhelming for the 11 children, who were waiting anxiously for their “little church school”. We returned to work with great enthusiasm and joy, doing that for God and the children! There are 11 children, 11 fathers, 11 mothers, 44 grandparents, and many brothers, uncles, and cousins. We love the children God sends to PEPE and, they are the firsts to hear about Jesus. Then, we work together as a church to bring Jesus into their homes. The church is actively visiting and sharing the love of our God with these 11 families.

The children receive comprehensive care when they learn about hygiene and health, care for their body and hand cleanliness, and teeth hygiene, and thus continue to take care of themselves at home. The children’s day was celebrated with great joy, stimulating creativity with drawing and painting contests, all based on the story of the creation of the world.

We closed the year with a church camp, where the children and their families participated and, with great joy, we contemplated the baptism of a mother and two brothers of the PEPE children.

Pray that we can open new PEPEs in Panama so that many more children will be reached for Christ!

Belén Peñafiel – national coordinator PEPE Panama

Carmen Ligia – text editing

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues

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