Bible in chilean PEPE’s

Who was Moses, David, Abraham, Esther, and Joseph? How did Jesus heal a blind man, a mute man, and make Peter walk on the sea? How was Jesus born, died, and resurrected? How good it is to hear the children telling the stories of these great men and women of God and knowing Jesus! And everything is right in the Bible!

Reading the Bible is always very good, as it helps us to know God better and strengthens us to live each day following in the footsteps of Jesus, our Savior, and Lord. But how can children read and understand if no one teaches them? This has been one of PEPE’s main goals: to teach children the path they should walk so that when they get old, they don’t deviate from it. And we know that all the guidance to transform generations is in the Bible!

As an excellent strategic tool, at PEPE in Chile, the Bible is used in the activity rooms as a base text for the development of the Reading Plan. All PEPE units in the country have a Bible for children, which presents, in short stories and children’s language, relevant topics for the development of spirituality and knowledge of Jesus and his infinite love.

This is how our way of working works: after reading the story, children participate by answering explicit, implicit, and inferential questions, content consistent with language development, required by the Ministry of Education.

God allowed the Bible to be the essential component in the development of language, in the approach to reading processes, and, above all, in the knowledge of God’s love.

Pray for PEPEs in Chile, so that more units are opened and more children are reached!

Maria Amélia Sepúlveda – PEPE Chile coordinator

Carmen Lígia – text editing

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues

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