Teaching mothers to fish

Ana Elena Badilla, representative of UN Women El Salvador, in an interview with EFE in July 2022, stated:

  “We believe that gender equality is also good business, because, to the extent that there is more participation by women in the economy, politics, and society in general, it improves not only the lives of these women but also of their families, their communities and the country”. The gender specialist pointed out that in El Salvador, a country where the majority of the population is female -59%-, women are exposed to gender violence in its different expressions -physical, economic, psychological, verbal, and femicide- and also have difficulties in entering the economy and politics.

“Women, in the case of El Salvador, constitute what we call a gender bonus because we have a large number of women of working age who, if incorporated into the economy properly and under equitable conditions, would have a very important productive potential that they can make the economy grow and improve the country’s indexes”, emphasized Badilla.

As PEPE, knowing our social reality, with the help of CONAMIPE (National Commission of Micro and Small Companies) and the Semillas de Nueva Creación Association, we have been giving a workshop divided into three sessions. This is done to boost technical entrepreneurship in the mothers of families of children who are being reached in the Salvadoran PEPE, especially in the municipality of Ahuachapán.

In this workshop, the mothers of the family received courses on the creation of a business idea, the creation of a budget for calculating costs, expenses, and profit margin, and setting the price of the product to the idea of starting the business. At the end of the workshop, they received a certificate of participation.

Our desire at PEPE is to help families build their support bases, teaching them how to fish, and not just giving them fish. What we teach and help to get started, not only solidifies the family’s financial area but also contributes to improving the child’s life and even the community environment.

Pray for PEPE in El Salvador to reach more children and thus complete the mission!

Veronica Torrento – PEPE El Salvador national coordinator

Carmen Lígia – text editing

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues