Learning for better service!

The year 2023 was marked by intensity, brimming with challenges and moments of growth. The aspiration for quality education for our children propelled us to craft proposals for pedagogical materials, further empowering our missionary-educators to become adept servants, poised to excel in their service!

The PEPE International Committee has approved the guidance manual for utilizing the assessment portfolio for children, along with proposals for the psychomotricity manual and the activities album. Another significant milestone was the commencement of the development and revision of curricula, programs, and teaching plans across various countries.

Our aim is to offer experiences that foster the holistic development of every child! Let us fervently pray for more materials and resources that facilitate meaningful learning opportunities, so that the lives of our Pepitos are enriched to the extent that they perceive the presence of King Jesus in the servant-like teaching of our missionary-educators.

Now, in 2024, we eagerly roll up our sleeves, fully cognizant that the ever-present God, who comprehends the needs of all communities, will guide and equip us in creating new educational resources.

The forthcoming challenges include crafting Pepito’s stories on inclusion and formulating a guide for developing teaching materials.

We extend the invitation to join us in prayer, that each resource may address the diverse needs of children across different countries. May our magnificent God inspire us with boundless creativity for His glory, ensuring that these resources truly serve the missionary-educators and remain relevant to the children!

Hosana Dias Teck de Gamba Nataniel – Pedagogical advisor at PEPE Internacional

Translated by Victor Baptista