The importance of training at PEPE

PEPE is a program that is developed in different cultures, with completely different realities in the Americas, Africa and Asia, each country of these 3 continents has its laws regarding education, especially in relation to the age group that PEPE works, that is, maximum and minimum age that children must enter and leave preschool. The level of education required for the preschool teacher also differs in each reality. Many countries, faced with the need for teachers, do not even require a high school diploma, they only carry out a training course for a whole day and understand that this is enough. Therefore, teachers enter the classroom without any preparation to give a good foundation to the children in the early years.

 For us, the continuing education of the PEPE team is extremely important for the personal and professional development of each one of them, so they can keep up to date with educational changes, continuously improve their skills and knowledge. It is our role to ensure that missionary-educators improve themselves more and more and have a good foundation for effective practice in the classroom, so that our children have a quality preschool, as this is a crucial stage for their cognitive, emotional and social development.

Even in the face of the challenges of the school levels required by each country, it is through the training program that our team is better prepared to respond to the demands in the classroom, manage difficulties, observe and deal with existing particularities and focus on the learning and integral growth of each child. 

We unite so that each PEPE unit in these three continents can develop to the maximum all the skills and abilities of our Pepitos, with a solid foundation in a playful, autonomous and healthy way so that each school cycle provides experience of new discoveries and learning that involves them in such a way that it makes them want to learn more and more. 

Por: Rosimeri Francisco