PEPE is growing in India

We Praise God for PEPE’s vision in India. We believe that God had this plan and he brought this education program so that it has a wide effect on the children and communities of India. In 2020 Pepe Unit started in the west part of India. In just one week we closed that unit due to the pandemic of Corona. After two years we reopened it at the same place and found a very good result. 

Now that unit is in improving and becoming a model for other Units of the country. Last year we started three more units and soon we plan to start a few more in the western part. We are also working to start in the central part of the country. 

We gave Pepe initial training to 13 leaders who helped to work as a team. Right now, we are working with four different organizations to develop PEPE with them. We are also planning to take PEPE to other states of the country.

During the visitation, the community sees missionary educators with hope for their children and community. We were able to share the Good news easily without any hindrance. Sometimes families come to our home for their plans and suggestions and to know more about the Son. 

Slowly their lifestyle and living standards are improving. Children brush their teeth every day at home and tell their parents to do it, which shows us how they become agents of transformation in their own homes. 

Last year we had our first educators meeting where we learned, practiced, and planned to take each unit to a higher level and expand by training area coordinators in different places in order to PEPE continue growing in India. 

We count on your prayers and contributions for this project, so that together by the Power of The Spirit we may complete the mission. 

Vilas Raypure – National Coordinator of PEPE India.

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