Great challenges and new opportunities!

Expansion is a strategic goal of PEPE, where all efforts of prayer, outreach, and identification of people and churches willing to be involved in practical missionary work are concentrated. Nigeria is a country in West Africa that is experiencing evangelical growth despite constant terrorist attacks. The primary target of these extremist groups has been schools and their students, as a form of resistance to Western education. However, the church has risen in prayer and practical actions to proclaim that the Kingdom of God has come to Nigeria.

It was through Pastor Jacob Bala that we had the opportunity to start implementing PEPE in Nigeria. The Baptist Convention of Nigeria welcomed the PEPE program with great enthusiasm, and in our first training for Missionary-Educators, we had the presence of the Vice-President of the Convention, Pastor Emmanuel Ubandoma, who has supported us with great joy. The Baptist convention has a significant number of Baptist churches, but there are still many areas that need the advancement of missionary work.

The training was led by Regional Coordinator David Panganhe and the new National Coordinator Jacob Joji Bala. Five churches were present, with a total of 21 participants, but only four partnership agreements were signed to begin PEPE in Nigeria.

We move forward in prayer and action for the start of childcare and the advancement of the Gospel through PEPE in every community in Nigeria where PEPE is being developed.

Pray and contribute to PEPE Nigeria!

Ricardo Santos – Continental Director of PEPE Africa

Translated by Victor Baptista

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