Commissioning and Missionary Action

The 52nd Assembly of the Baptist Convention of Mozambique took place, with the participation of over 200 messengers from Baptist churches across the country to discuss strategies for advancing the gospel. During this event, the regional coordinator for PEPE in Portuguese-speaking countries, Felizarda Chimunto, had the opportunity to present the project, highlighting the benefits of developing PEPE in local churches. It was a moment to reinforce the vision and mission of PEPE as a ministry that should be adopted and sustained by local churches.

In the same event, we had the commissioning of the Panganhe family, David and Ana, as missionaries to Kenya. On this occasion, pastors Sérgio Massinga and Tomás Zefanias encouraged participants and church representatives to pray for the missionary couple. Churches committed to supporting the missionary family in prayer and maintaining communication for follow-up on missionary projects to be developed in the new field. David Panganhe was a Missionary-Educator in Mozambique, the first country on the continent to receive PEPE. After some time, he became the National Coordinator and then the Regional Coordinator, and most recently, he was challenged to coordinate the expansion of the work to English-speaking countries from Kenya.

PEPE has been a missionary strategy for planting new churches and strengthening the missionary actions of local churches. Over time, we have seen the awakening and engagement in missionary work in different realities. The transmission of the missionary DNA has been a key factor in the development of PEPE. The sending of the Panganhe family testifies to the widening of the missionary mission.

Pray and contribute to PEPE!

Ricardo Santos and David Panganhe

Translated by Victor Baptista

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