Transforming lives in Peru

The PEPE program in Peru allowed the opening of new works that later became churches and also primary and secondary educational institutions that prepare students for the university.

Since 2006, when PEPE began in Piura, one of the cities with the most units, the Dios mi Libertador Church was one of the first to begin to understand that this came from God.

In 2008 they enrolled a very restless child who was expelled from other preschools in the state. His parents were converted and today, 15 years later, our former pepito leads worship in the church and his parents are pastors in a very precarious place with many needs, among them the constant lack of water and electricity.

The challenge is to continue to move forward despite the obstacles we have through the Ministry of Education that reduce our attention. In a country with many dysfunctional families and children at social risk, the church is challenged to continue with the great commission.

We work hand-in-hand with pastors to plant new churches in neighborhoods and communities so that boys and girls are reached and can continue, with their families, to be spiritually cared for, even after they graduate. We work to help churches have a missional vision, fulfilling the GO COMMAND of Jesus. This has been one of PEPE’s biggest challenges in Peru.

Let’s pray that more units will be opened and more children will be reached throughout Peru!

Clorinda Alberca – National Coordinator PEPE Peru

Translated by Marcia Garcia

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