Gratitude for the formation meetings 2019

Gratitude for the formation meetings 2019The year of 2019 is already finishing and we of the team of PEPE Western Africa 2 are with the hearts full of gratitude and hope. Despite of the challenges we are facing this year, despite of the fights, our gratitude to God for all the blessings and care with us, and to you that has actively participated in this work with the children of Francophone Africa through the prayers and financial support to PEPE. This year of 2019 besides the formation of the new National Coordinator of Togo, we have done several formation meetings for the whole team of PEPE in the country. Besides that, we have started a new field, Benin, and we are the process of formation of the National Coordinator of PEPE Benin. As the essence of our work is to offer a quality education with biblical principles to the children with no access to school, the continued formation is part of the routine of the whole PEPE Network team. We are always seeking the improvement to better serve the children, their families and communities.

And to accomplish with fidelity this mission, we have done several technical-pedagogical formation meetings during the year to enable everyone that teach and work at the units of PEPE in the countries. The last meeting will happen on the second week of December, next report we will tell you everything that will happen there.

Gratitude for the formation meetings 2019But on the last Saturday, at the headquarter of the Baptist Convention of Togo, we made the penultimate formation meeting of the year 2019. We thank God that allowed us to have this formation meeting in Lome, capital of the country. It was a moment of a lot of inspiration and growing for all the team, where besides presenting the new manual of PEPE units implementation, it was approached the committee of parents and the church committee at PEPE. The second part of the meeting was marked by the pedagogical material workshop. Actively participated in this meeting, the missionary educators, the National coordinator of PEPE Togo Mrs. Afikuma, Pastor Levi, that is being trained for the coordination of PEPE in Benin, Pastor Fernando Santos, regional coordinator and the helpers Josane Santos, Rosemari Francisco and Joaquim Santos. We also had some guests, like the missionary couple Pr. Cleber, who brought to us a Biblical reflexion, and his wife Gleici Balaniuc.

Thank you very much for walking with us, your prayers and your offerings helps us to continue this beautiful work together with the children of Francophone Africa.

With gratitude and fraternal love,

Pr. Fernando dos Santos
Regional Coordinator- PEPE Western Africa 2

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