PEPE, the best present this Christmas

“Entering in the house, they saw the boy with Mary, his mother, and, bowing down, they worshiped Him. So, they opened their treasures and gave him presents” (Mathew 2:11)

It is very good to receive gifts, as well as it is good to give gifts. The happiness in the face of who is presented is always very impacting, especially when it is about a child. So much that receiving presents is one of the love language mentioned on the book “ The five languages of love” of Gary Chapman. Traveling on the time we can arrive in Bethlehem, in that manger where was born our Saviour, in that occasion, as every child, he was rounded of gifts: gold, incense and myrrh. These were the gifts that the wise men so happy offered Jesus. We know that getting a gift is very good. So, as those first visitors in Bethlehem let’s give gifts to our Saviour Jesus!

For us of PEPE, the best gift we can give to our Saviour is the smile of a child. That’s why and for this the Program PEPE exists: to present Jesus with many smiles! We presented our Saviour with more than 15 thousand children that gave Him their lives. We presented our Saviour with hundreds of fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles and siblings, among others that are now saved and worshiping God in the different churches where we have a PEPE. We presented our Savior with the graduation of our children, students of our PEPEs, that now already literate can enter the first year at school with tranquility, prepared to continue developing and winning each academic stage, full of hope of a better tomorrow. We presented our Saviour investing in lives that in a few years, will be pastors, missionaries, lawyers, doctors, teachers, managers, businessmen, firefighters, leaders in one nation, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers that will draw generations to the feet of Christ. We presented our Saviour with churches that now, with a missionary vision, are with its doors opened all the days of the week to take the love of God to thousands of children spread on the 30 countries where PEPE is already present.

That in 2020 we continue taking hope to thousands of children that are waiting for us, that ending the year we might give again many gifts to our Saviour Jesus!

Carmen Ligia Ferreira de Andrade
Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas

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