Joy in making a child smile

Most of the people that serve the Lord, do it only in their comfort zone, going to places easy to access and that do not present extreme difficulties. Thus, they do not get where the help is really needed. Therefore, with PEPE we have got where the less favorable children are, many of them living in dumping grounds, without food, with alcoholic parents and without a bed to sleep, for example.

In one of our units of PEPE in El Salvador we have planned to do something different and that would impact the lives of our children. Unfortunately, we are located in an extremely poor region, with lots of things lacking and violence everywhere, and that’s why we had to improvise something.

One morning after the end of the classes at PEPE, before saying goodbye, we asked our pepitos to come with bathing clothes (shorts, t-shirts and slippers) next class, because we would make them a good surprise. The children left very excited. Next day the children came to meet us and they were dressing as we have required. So, came the time to start the surprise.

The children got very excited to see what was being done, the smiles and shouts were contagious. Thanks to one organization called CONVOY OF HOPE, that donated to us a sailcloth, that after cut and put on the floor, received water, soap and shampoo, becoming a wet slider.

While they were in the slider, we could see the unequal happiness reflected in their faces, thus for them it was the first experience they had with lots of fun. Many families can not pay a resort for their children. With PEPE we wanted to make part of a special moment in the lives of these children, understanding that moments like these will be kept for the rest of their lives. Making a child to smile is one of the bet presents of the world because we read in Proverbs 15:3: “The joy of the heart is seen in the face”.
PEPE has as an oath: “Taking hope to heart of the child” and thus we will keep taking Jesus, that is the true joy, to the heart of each child, so that being happy they can share with us so many smiles.

Gladys Ortiz
Regional Coordinator of PEPE

Adaptation: Carmen Ligia
Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas

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