God taking care of my family while i take care of others

One of the biggest fights we face inside our houses is when we have a family member that is not part of God’s family yet, because he did not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. This is exactly what happened to one of our cooperators of PEPE Happy Faces, in El Salvador, and that we want to share her testimony now.

Hayde de Magaña is the name of a dear sister, responsible for cooking the lunch for our children that study at PEPE. She converted when she was still a girl and says with joy that she is a christian her whole life. She has two beautiful teenager daughters, but the husband was not a christian, what drove her to face many difficult moments in her life, defending her faith in Jesus. She had a great fight to be able to develop the ministries in the church, because she could not count on the approval of her husband. But even though, she kept serving the Lord, dreaming in being able to help the children of the neighborhood where she lives.

God started answering her prayer in the beginning of the year 2019, when her pastor called inviting her to serve preparing the meal for the children at PEPE, invitation that with joy and without doubting, she answered with a big and loud YES! Our sister Hayde mentions that although in some occasions the church did not have the resource to buy the food, she used to share part of what the husband gave her for the house food. Very excited, she tells us that each time she donated, somebody immediately went to her house and gave the same things she has donated, in the same amount.

This week, due to the quarantine they have passed more time in family, always followed in prayers by PEPE team. In a beautiful day, the area coordinator of PEPE called to pastor the whole family, sharing a biblical text and praying with them. For the surprise and great joy, that same week, during a family service, her husband, that was already touched by God, accepted Jesus as his only and sufficient Personal Savior! Glory be to God because PEPE took Jesus to the life of her husband and now she can say: “My house and I will serve the Lord!”.

Veronica Torrento
National Coordinator of PEPE El Salvador

Text edition: Carmen Ligia – Continental coordinator PEPE Americas

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