Missionary-educator helps families in Nicaragua

PEPE located in Cristo Rey community, in the town of Tipitapa in Managua has started the classes this year, assisting 25 boys and girls of very limited economical resources families. Most of these families collect recycle material at the municipal waste, located at the margins of Cristo Rey, or work at clothing sector located in the city of Tipitapa. Because of the economical crisis brought by the pandemic, most of the parents got unemployed and without any income.

Even the government authorities of Nicaragua not adopting any prevention measure against the disease spread, most of the population heard the Medical Society call to stay in quarantine and avoid sending the children to school. However, families are facing difficulties in their houses for not being able to supply their basic needs.

Aware about what happened, the missionary-educator of the unit Cristo Rey reported the situation to the National Coordination of PEPE, that got with the churches 25 basic food bags with rice, beans, sugar, powdered milk and oil to give to the families of PEPE children. Hygiene products were also donated and got to the hands of children, helping them to keep the hygiene habits learnt at the Program.

We thank God for the families supported, which also expressed their gratitude and were very happy with PEPE and the Baptists care for them, because they always felt forgotten and umprotected. Keep praying for our country e for our children that are studying at the Nicaraguan PEPEs!

Sandra Lizeth Detrinidad
National Coordinator of PEPE Nicaragua