Educating at PEPE is loving!

Among the 8870 children who have been in PEPE’s in the Americas this year, we celebrated the graduation of another 4,600 children. Having each one of these children cared for by our dear missionary-educators for 2 years is wonderful. But when it comes time for graduation, the emotions are greater to see one more child leaving to live their dreams of continuing their studies, have a profession, with a high self-esteem and a more balanced health. But above all, the most important and special thing is that they leave with Jesus in their hearts and can continue worshiping God in the temple, now in the company of their parents, siblings, grandparents, and uncles who also gave their lives to Jesus. This is why graduation time in PEPE’s is so exciting!

At one of the graduation parties, we were concerned about 5 children who were crying telling their parents that they were not going to the graduation because they didn’t want to graduate. When they were asked, they said: “We don’t want to graduate because we don’t want to leave PEPE! They love being at PEPE because there they find an opportunity to feel loved, respected, valued, and to begin the process of entering the world of letters, by being literate.

Many people think that educating is only teaching on how to read and write, but for sure, educating is to love, because without love we can do nothing. That is why, seeing the children happy in their togas and the proud looks of many parents putting the graduation ring on the little fingers of our “doctors from ABC”, makes every effort and every challenge faced during the months of activities worthwhile.

We know and believe that our ministry at PEPE is the fruit of a commitment to our God that challenges us to trust and depend on Him, working with children that God Himself sends to the PEPE’s, bringing hope to many families through the visits, getting closer to the parents through the monthly meetings, and making of children our mission field so that they can soon become missionaries taking Jesus into their homes.

The missionary-educators are our heroes who are in the front line letting themselves be used by God to help each child, while thousands of our brothers and sisters in the world are holding the strings through their prayers and offerings.

PEPE is this, it is partnership work, of union, of commitment, of dedication! May many other churches in many countries open their doors to let PEPE enter and reach thousands of children who are waiting for us!

Carmen Ligia
Continental Coordinator PEPE Americas

Translated by: Juliana N. Martins

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