Celebrating the graduations of our youngest children

Another year of activities at PEPE is over, the little ones carry in their minds new knowledge, which are the basis for the next school stage, without forgetting the many experiences shared with their classmates, impregnated with the love and affection of the missionary-educators.

But what does seeing children graduate mean to us at PEPE?

“It means that all the effort, work, love and dedication put into the care of the children is not in vain, because it has contributed to their integral development. And the most important thing is that the seed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has been planted in their lives. ” Lizeth Detrinidad– Nicaragua

In Nicaragua 173 children graduated, one of them is Kendall Martínez, who stood out for his enthusiasm in receiving the classes and especially the Bible stories. Kendall is a boy much loved by his family, classmates and missionary-educators, and every Sunday he enjoys going to Bible school with his mother, who got to know the Lord through the boy and PEPE. Now that Kendall has graduated, he and his mother thank God for reaching the first goal of their studies and for having God in their hearts.

From Honduras, we received the good news of the graduation of 77 children, boys and girls who learn to resist and overcome adversity. This is the story of Yuliana Ayala, age 6, who, coming from a broken home, struggles with the pain of not having her family together. Her family lives in poverty, has no home of its own, and must constantly move from place to place. She often has to travel long distances to be in the unit. However, she is a very active and diligent girl. Yuliana fell ill just before she finished her activities at PEPE. After several visits to the doctor, she was diagnosed with profound anemia, along with other health problems. She started treatment and today is recovering, but this did not prevent her from completing the year and graduating, because she had the full support of the missionary-educators.

Another country celebrating is El Salvador, where 110 children graduated. What a joy to see families and communities benefited and restored through PEPE! PEPE Betel, located in Chalchuapa, is pastored by a young couple who desire to impact the community with the transforming power of Jesus. At the beginning of this year, they decided to implement PEPE project. Because it is a community that is very needy economically and spiritually, the pastors say that PEPE has become a great blessing and contributes to a spiritual renewal, both in the church and in the community. The implementation of PEPE has also meant nutrition for the children, thanks to the food brought in with the support of Convoy of Hope, for better nutritional health of the children.

But what does seeing children graduate mean to us at PEPE?

“Seeing the children happy in their graduation clothes, parading to the delivery of their diplomas, generates in us, as PEPE, feelings of joy, satisfaction and gratitude to God, to JMM, to PEPE International, to all of us who work to give new hope to thousands of children. It also represents a challenge to continue to mold them in an integral way in the new school stage they are undertaking. We celebrate this great success with great joy! ” Veronica Torrento – El Salvador.

This year we are receiving new children who God is sending us to care, love, respect and teach! May our hearts be willing to serve God, who loves children!

Gladys Ortiz
PEPE regional coordinator of Central America, North America and the Caribbean.

Translated by: Juliana N. Martins