Virtual generation in Panamanian PEPE

PEPE is a program with an educational, social, evangelistic and missionary view. During the pandemic, we continue to develop the activities with children assisted by the program. The question facing this moment was: how would we go about helping children with all that is necessary for a healthy growth and development without the daily contact with them?

It is a challenge for our missionary-educators to prepare for teaching by virtual means. Some of them have only a telephone as a technological tool and many of them have little knowledge of the use of social networks. But the love for God and for each child of PEPE made them go beyond their capacity. They faced the challenge and didn’t stop teaching, and children didn’t stop learning. Seeking God’s guidance has been everyone’s secret, because from Him comes all wisdom.

Today, parents thank the missionary- educators for their commitment to teaching and are pleased to see their children’s academic progress during the quarantine time. And the children are happy to see and listen to the missionary educators through video calls, because that is the way they are guiding the activities and answering the questions regarding the tasks. This is definitely the digital media generation!

We thank God for the wisdom He has been giving to the missionary-educators from Panamanian PEPE, and for all technological means available to bless all these children and their families!

Belén Peñafiel
National Coordinator of PEPE Panamá

Text Editing: Gladys Ortiz – Regional Coordinator of PEPE Central America, North and Caribbean.

Translated By: Lucas Rojas Martins

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