Heavenly daddy, heal my dad and my mom!

“Heavenly Father, heal my dad and my mom!” That was a sincere prayer that emerge from a little broken heart, his Mario … he is one o four Peruvian PEPE’s kids. Mario does not worry about getting sick, because he knows he will receive the care of his parents and the right medicine to be healthy. Even with cough, fever or tummy ache, his mom hugs him, gives him the medicine and takes care of him with such affection that the pain goes away very quickly.

But now everything changed, Mario’s parents got sick. They were with COVID 19 and they had to go to the hospital. At hospital, they stayed many days being cared for in the intensive care area. They were on a ventilator to breathe better. Mario was deeply worried about his parents, but he was cared by the missionary educator of PEPE and the entire church responsible for PEPE.

The members of the church had gathered in prayer on behalf of Mario’s parents. A couple of days, going against everything that was said by the doctors, Mario’s parents left the hospital and returned home. God worked a great miracle in that family healing Mario’s parents and giving them the opportunity to know God’s love.

Heavenly Daddy, thank you for healing my dad and my mom.

Now that has been Mario’s prayer, because our God not only heard, but answered his prayer, bringing blessings to all his family.

This is PEPE, a place where lives are changed and families are blessed.

Rubén Gonzáles
Regional Coordination in South America

Translated by: Juliana das Neves Martins

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