United to feed families in Guatemala

Tortilla’s one of the essential meals in Guatemala, as rice and beans is to Brazilians. Because it is an inexpensive food many families depend on tortilla for their daily meal. So, when parents don’t even have a tortilla to feed their children, they despair.That’s exactly what has been happening during this pandemic period.

We have received phone calls from our missionary educators talking about the difficulty in acquiring basic food, both in their families and in the families of children in PEPEs. There’s also a lack of resources to buy medicine for those who are sick. Given the difficult circumstances, the national coordination along with the support team started a movement to visit the PEPEs’families.

We were able to bring food and medicine to many missionary educators and the children’s families. Priority was given to the most vulnerable individuals and families. Therefore we managed to reach many homes taking not only physical food, but also the joy of Jesus, who is concerned with the integral care of all of us. We couldn’t meet all the needs, but we are sure the best was done.

In the face of this emergency situation, we had to start the visits again, but God has been faithful and despite the adversities we continue to strengthen the motto that says: IN GUATEMALA, PEPE DOES NOT STOP.

Nora Mendoza
PEPE Guatemala National Coordinator

Text editing: Gladys Ortiz – PEPE Central and North America and Caribbean Regional Coordination.

Translated by Bárbara Ribeiro.

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