PEPE NETWORK First Global Congress

“The child has the right to education”

With 28 years of experience in Brazil, PEPE – Preschool Education Program, is developed under the responsibility of ABIAH – Brazilian Association of Incentive and Support to Man. PEPE, on the international level, is 19 years old and is developed under the responsibility of the World Missions Board of CBB. We call this connection PEPE Network.

PEPE values the excellence and dedication of each employee in fulfilling their vocation.

It is with great enthusiasm that we are preparing our First Global Congress of PEPE Network, a 100% digital event. The event will take place on November 20 and 21, 2020, from 10 am (Brazilian time).The Global Congress will bring together distinguished names from the following areas: Education, Children’s Rights, Community Development and Integral Care. The general public will be able to participate in the plenary sessions that include lectures, celebrations, and much more, accessing live content through the JMM channel and the Pepe Network channel on YouTube.

The Global Digital Congress aims to connect various actors with the purpose of promoting communion, continue the training program and celebrate the expansion in the 32 countries of operation, there are 31 countries of operation of PEPE International through the JMM and PEPE Brazil.

This is the largest event ever developed and includes all the Missionary Educators/Facilitators, Coordinators and Collaborators of the implementation of PEPE around the world. We intend to equip our agents and train them to lead “the new normal” in post-Pandemic education with actions that strengthen the local PEPE according to their vocation.

You are our special guest! Participate in the Global PEPE 2020 Congress.

Connect and train yourself for the exercise of new practices.

General coordination
PEPE Brazil and PEPE International.

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