Torrential rain

Mozambique is a country with major socioeconomic and religious challenges that has repeatedly suffered from climate change. Flash floods and hurricanes occur repeatedly in the country. In these times of natural disaster, World Missions has often intervened with Volunteers Without Borders to bring relief to people in need.

PEPE Mozambique serves 3,200 children daily, spread across 72 units. 288 missionary-educators ensure that every child has the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Each unit has its challenges, which can manifest themselves in the need for better infrastructure, the acquisition of durable materials, and the daily feeding of the children.

After the start of the lecture year in Mozambique, we were all surprised by severe storms that forced a temporary interruption of activities in the PEPE units. During a visit to the Sofala region, the most affected, the National Coordination found that activities could resume in some units, while some others could not return to work due to the water level, which continues to prevent the normalization of activities.

We will pray for these communities and children in Sofala, so that God will protect them from all the dangers that may come from these floods and so that the proper functioning of the PEPE units from all regions can be restored.

Antônio Daniel – National Coordination Mozambique

Translated by Victor Baptista

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