PEPE restores relationships

For many years, Barra Ciega Baptist Church in El Salvador had severed ties with the Baptist Association of El Salvador (ABES) because of problems during the civil war.

Since 2019, the Baptist Church of Barra Ciega has been visited by the PEPE project in El Salvador and the president of the Baptist Association, who is also the regional coordinator of PEPE, has started talks to open a PEPE unit in this place, which is far from the city, 500 meters from the sea. A barren place, very poor and with many boys and girls in need of Jesus.

In the same year, a PEPE unit with 60 children could be established, which was named “Jesus Champions”. It has been a wonderful experience to work with these children over the years. And the pastor of the church and his leadership are so satisfied that they have decided to restore the relationship with the Baptist Association.

On Sunday, December 18, 2022, Pastor Roberto Campos was sworn in along with the ABES Board of Directors, the Board of AMBES Pastors, and the church leadership to strengthen the continuity of the PEPE project in this place.

PEPE unites families, pastors, leaders, associations and a great ministry team around the world!

Together we are stronger!

Gladys Ortiz – Caribbean, North and Central America Regional Coordinator

Translated by Victor Baptista

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