Technology at PEPE

We have computers! This has been the joy of the children of a unit of the Salvadoran PEPE, who can now see and touch computers that arrived by surprise at PEPE!

A few years ago, computers were not so accessible to all social classes, and mobile phones were a luxury. But we are in the digital era, which has transformed the way we live and communicate. We live in a world that moves through technology. And that, many times, is a social matter of inclusion.

Concerned, then, with this reality, PEPE in El Salvador has sought partnerships to meet this need and help children prepare to continue in secular life.  This is how we received donations of World Vision computers (Desktop PC) for the children of PEPE “La Balastrera”, in the city of Sonsonate. 

And with them, came teachers who take the time to teach computers to children. Our goal is to help children achieve knowledge in this area, helping them to become totally fulfilled people. In this way, ensuring their learning in new technologies, something useful in their intermediate and advanced studies, we allow them to perform well in their professional life in the future.

We praise God for this great blessing, and we continue to work so that many other children from PEPE can have the same opportunity.

Silvia Rivas
National coordinator of PEPE El Salvador