A new PEPE is born in Mexico

The birth of a new PEPE always brings a great joy because it is a new open door for children to be reached in the educational, social, emotional and spiritual areas.  Some PEPE’s are opened after 1 year of contact, presentation, training and then, the inauguration of the unit. That’s why it brings so much joy! 

It was with all this process and preparation that, on April 13th, we opened PEPE AMOR ( PEPE LOVE), at the Iglesia Bautista Bethania (Bethany Baptist church) in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. What a joy to see a new church opening its doors to the community, giving the opportunity for educational preparation for 15 children.

Monterrey is an industrial city, filled with many companies. People live for the purpose of obtaining only material things. It is a city that is indifferent to the Christian life. And even more indifferent to working with children. However, Bethany Church is being a light, opening the opportunity to give HOPE TO THE HEARTS OF CHILDREN.

Pray that PEPE in Mexico will keep growing and advancing to complete the mission: to bring Jesus to all childrenv! 

Dan Tostado – NAtional coordinator of PEPE Mexico