Shoes for Venezuela

Many time we do not value the feet. We are worried about providing food for the stomach and it seems to be enough. But Proverbs 4:26 says that the feet are very important because they guide us on God’s path: “Establish a right way for your feet, keep on a safe road.” The mind takes the decision, but the feet guide it to do it. It is also the feet which take our children to PEPE.

During this pandemic time, when we heard that in our Venezuelan country many boys and girls totally depend on us to have a daily meal, I was astonished with the experience we had lately. Taking food house to house, God made me look down and see the feet of our children. My eyes widened when they saw the old, torn and flat shoes. My heart was so broken that my only prayer that moment was asking God to send shoes for our children, not any shoes, but good ones that showed them how important and special they were to God and to us.

A few days later I was astonished again, but his time to see the prayer answered. We received a donation of 28 Crocs shoes which were of an excellent quality besides being beautiful. What a joy to be God’s tool to deliver His gift to those children! The smile in each face looking at the shoes which were exactly the same size of their feet filled made me very happy. Once again I was able to learn and know the wonderful God who loves children so much and care for small details. I know that these children even being so small, will never forget this experience, when God cared even for their little feet.

We could put shoes on the feet of 28 children, but we still have many others wearing flat shoes that need us. Pray to God to keep providing so that we may help all PEPE students in Venezuela. Because Jesus himself said: “In truth I tell you, when you did this to one of my little brothers, you did to me” (Mathew 25:40).

Ruth Saraid Cordero
National Coordinator of PEPE Venezuela

Text Edition: Carmen Ligia – Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas

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