Reunion’s joy

PEPE arrived in the beautiful Caribbean island called Dominican Republic in 2005. Since the beginning the dear sister Juana de Mora has been on the National Coordination. Her love and dedication to children and the team of the Program is a real example of God’s love reigning in her life. This week she lived something that filled our heart with joy.

Getting at the supermarket, a young person approached her, as part of the safety system implemented in the pandemic, he was measuring the body temperature and giving some hand sanitizer to everyone entering the place. But what was the surprise she had? The young person that stopped her was Juan!

Juan was on the of the first children participating in PEPE of Dominican Republic. Both were so excited about the reunion, that they forgot about the corona virus and hugged each other. Juan, told sister Juana de Moraque that he continues in the way of the Lord, and he is now, a leader in a Pentecostal church.

PEPE gave a great support for Juan, because when he was younger, his father mistreated him a lot . During thee two years he was at the program, he was cared by the church and by the missionary-educators. And through PEPE Goes visitations, the whole family could be helped.

PEPE is a worth program because it allows us to take hope to children’s hearts. We plant the gospel seed in their hearts and on the right time, God makes it grow. Being able to harvest fruits like Juan is a huge joy for us.

Gladys de Ortiz
Regional coordinator of PEPE Central and North America and Caribbean.

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