PEPE São Tomé improves to serve better the children

The last week of September was of lots of inspiration and perspiration for the team of PEPE in São Tomé and Principe. With the subject “Improving to serve better”, national and regional coordinator of Central Africa, leaders of the church and missionary educators met in the temple of the First Baptist Church in São Tomé and Principe for the second annual encounter for the PEPE team training.

This training week had as a purpose to promote the aim of the vision, training, pedagogic improvement and mutual invigoration. During the meeting, besides working the documents of PEPE administration, we had workshop to make pedagogical materials; we worked with the annual, monthly and weekly planning activities of each PEPE unit; we elaborated creative ideas in the application of the policies of the child and teenager’s protection, for the world board mission and PEPE. We also worked the concepts of the community development applied to the PEPE in the country.

One of the most impacting moment of the week was the opportunity to visit all the units of PEPE in the country. In some contexts, the missionary-educators need to overcome long distances, scarce transportation and other obstacles to be able to teach PEPE children, to see the dedication and love in teaching the children despite so many difficulties was encouraging.

It was a rich learning time, experiences exchanging, encouragement and challenges. Challenging because there is a high demand of PEPE in the country.

We have big challenges: There are areas where the children don’t have access to the nursery school and the families want to have PEPE in their community. We need to train new missionaries’ teams and new church leaders for achieving these children and their families.

You also can help to contribute for these children in São Tomé and Principe to have an opportunity and access to a quality education.

Join us!

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