Hope for the South Africa

After a long time of prayer and wait, finally we saw God’s hand opening the doors for the implementation of two more new PEPE units in the South Africa.

Long time ago we have had a hard work for the growth of Southern Africa, especially on the South Africa that nowadays has 4 units, that had been established by our coordinator and guider, at that time, Lucia Martiniano.

From 21 to 28 September we gave a great step toward the growth of PEPE. It was done in Johannesburg, South Africa the implementation training for new units. Two evangelical churches sent the leadership to participate for the training, the churches are Missionary Church God is Here, this church for 10 years nourished the desire to implement PEPE there, and the Church of Nazarene, which is already working with PEPE in Mozambique.

As part of the implementation of news units of PEPE, four leaders and five members of these churches participated in a training for 40 hours. The members trained will be future missionary educators in the new PEPE units. During this training they could learn how PEPE works and they received a basic training for their churches.

We are in a new stage of the work and we can feel that the challenge is big, but God is sustaining us and he is showing how powerful he is.

God has been helping us until here!