PEPE Peru sets the presence in the community

In the month of September, at PEPE Peru, before the monthly formation we went out for a tour on the streets with parents and their children. Every year in this date the Bible’s day is celebrated. The parents helped their children to make cards with music we walked around. It was a very beautiful and special moment because all the families went out of their houses’ doors to see what was going on and they had the opportunity to read the cards of the Pepitos.

Today, after the walking, we had our monthly training for the Missionary-Educators(MEs). We were about 70 people present and what we highlight as the most interesting in this work was the participation of our missionary-educators that once more outstood in their activities during the years helping us through sharing their experiences. This knowledge encouraged the newer missionary-educators to be more creative and bolder in using recycled material, with the environment resources, to build games and teaching-learning materials to be used with the children. We have suggested that before the end of the school year the missionary-educators create an opportunity to bring the parents to the project inviting them to participate as well in this building with the recycled material what will make that the families have meaningful games for the children. This task will create a proper space for the parents to socialize with the project and also with their own children. Besides that, it also creates the opportunity to share God’s word through a small devotional that is done before the activities are performed at PEPE.

Let’s keep praying for the families of our pepitos, for the opportunities that we had with the tour keep happening and that our Missionary-educators have wisdom to share God’s word efficiently.

Pastor Rúben González
Regional Coordinator of PEPE South America

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