PEPE in Waspán

PEPE came to Nicaragua in 2014 and opened three units: one in the city of Manágua, in the Ressurrection Baptist Church, and two in Waspán, on the north coast of the Caribbean. One of the facilities in Waspán, at the Noah’s Ark Baptist Church, is located in a remote region with social and economic difficulties, inhabited mainly by ethnic groups.

Noah’s Ark Baptist College was founded with the aim of ensuring the continuation of academic education for the children of this region. Today, the institution offers education to 277 children, 178 of whom are enrolled in pre-school and elementary school and 49 in secondary school.

The college is financed by the Ministry of Education, which also pays the salaries of all missionary-educators. The church is responsible for the installations, water and energy costs and other expenses. The director of the school, Roger Demétrio Mercado, and the pastor of the church, Emilio Fenley, work together for the good development of PEPE and the school and its influence on the community.

The municipality of Waspán, an indigenous name meaning water swirl, has a population of 62,819 inhabitants, 16.5% of whom live in the city and 83.5% in rural areas. Around 83% of all Waspán residents live in poor conditions, 64.1% of whom live in extreme poverty.

Pray that more PEPE units will be opened in Waspán and throughout Nicarágua!

Lizeth de Trinidad – national coordinator of PEPE Nicaragua

Translated by  Victor Baptista

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