Paraguayan PEPE makes a dream come true

We had a dream: Starting a PEPE in Guayaibí, city of the state San Pedro, in Paraguay. There, had a Baptist Mission, which was closes 10 years ago. The proposal was done and the challenge was accepted. Thus, the national coordinator of PEPE, Javier Gallarza, with the team of cooperators went away, travelling 180 km, to arrive in Guayaibíe, with joy and very excited, observing all those children who were waiting for PEPE. They were waiting for us!

With the support of the leadership of the Paraguayan Baptist Convention and several brothers from the Baptist church of a neighbor city which also had a PEPE, We started the plan putting the hands in the plow! Because of the period of pandemic and the movement restriction in the country we decided to do the activities each 15 days. On Saturdays and Sundays we had Bible school for the children of the community, preparing them already for starting PEPE in 2021, in the period after the pandemic.

Knowing the challenges of the place, we joined in prayer for God to send missionaries to lead the work in this city. And for our joy, we have just received the confirmation that a couple of brothers who actually live in Parana – Brazil, they will come to live in Paraguay and would take the challenge of starting this work! For our completely joy, we heard that they are teachers and the wife is a psycho pedagogue. It is a lot of blessings for PEPE! Nowadays, together with the neighbor church, we are mobilizing to restore the structure of the temple to receive PEPE and the house for the missionaries.

We see the movement of God’s work through PEPE Paraguay, which mobilize and join the national Baptist leadership to activate the work in Guayaibí. We believe in the changing power of the Gospel in the life of each child and their families. God has a plan for that city, and we are very happy to know that PEPE is part of this plan!

Rubén Gonzales
Regional coordinator of PEPE South America!

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