Oral health in the Dominican PEPE’s

To speak of the Dominican Republic is to transport us to one of the 37 islands that are embellishing the Caribbean region. The people are always very cheerful and receptive to all the tourists that arrive there. Since most of them live from tourism, they suffered a lot in this pandemic time when commerce, airports and schools were closed with strict social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the country. But even with the entire national crisis, PEPE has not stopped because we need to continue living the power that changes many lives, especially that of children.

Dominican PEPE carries out an integral care ministry for children, giving them the opportunity to develop in an intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical way, following the biblical teaching about care that our Savior Jesus received, according to Luke 2:52 “Jesus was growing in wisdom, stature and grace before God and men.”

That is how the PEPE’s “Rayito de Luz” or “Rays of Light”, in Iglesia Bautista Emanuel de Sabana de Puerto, as well as the PEPE’s from Iglesia de Dios de la Profecia and also of Iglesia Palabra de Vida delivered several dental kits containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and hand towel. At the same time, our missionary educator Eugenia Paulino held a conference on oral hygiene for children and their families.

All of this is the result of a partnership with COLGATE that donated all the kits that were delivered to each child. We praise God for this partnership and we pray that many other doors will be opened to help children who suffer in situations of vulnerability. We will continue to stand firm in living the power of God that changes the lives of children and adults in the Dominican Republic!

Juana de Mora
National Coordinator of PEPE DOMINICAN

Carmen Lígia (text edition) – Continental Coordinator of PEPE AMERICAS

Translator – Gerson Paulino Raquissone