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South Africa is the African country with the highest number of COVID-19 infections, counting more than 1.4 million and more than 49,000 deaths. All of this has triggered an economic crisis that has affected human and community development. In addition, earlier this year, South African researchers identified a new variant of the coronavirus, SARS-COV-2, which targets younger patients. This variant is associated with more severe cases of the disease. (DW News).

The government has been closely monitoring PEPE’s units in the process of returning to activities, to ensure compliance with all security requirements before the social and economic crisis imposed by COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Facing this scenario, the six churches that have developed PEPE units are ready to serve children, with teams of missionary- educators properly prepared to follow all the biosafety protocols, from the child’s arrival to the time they leave. The units have been a place of hope and refreshment for children before all this crisis and social distancing. Becoming a reference in child care based on biblical faith and practice has made a difference in children’s lives, whether they hear biblical stories, pray, learn, sing or play.

Thus, we have seen the hand of God over each PEPE unit in the development of activities with children, where they have been cared for and protected from COVID-19, from the abuses and violence that disadvantaged communities have suffered in an increasing proportion.

We know that challenges lead us to growth and maturity. For this reason, we understand that even though this is a difficult time, we need to be thankful, as we believe that all of this will make us more qualified for the development of the projects. We thank God for his care throughout this experience and for each one of you, because we understand that victories are the result of prayer and support from all of you.


David Fernando Panganhe
Regional Coordination PEPE Southern Africa

Translator – Gerson P. Raquissone

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