New unity among the indigenous Quekchis in Guatemala

It was with a great joy that on the day 12th of November we launched the new PEPE unit among the Quekchis, an indigenous group descendants of the old Mayas, predominant in Guatemala. The unit is located in the village of Nova Liberdade, in the region of Alta Verapaz, in Coban. This region is very humid and cold, leaving the children always with tender and red little faces. To arrive until the village is necessary to walk almost one day in the woods.

Mercedes, our missionary educator, said that PEPE is the only opportunity for these 19 children have an access to education, as there is no other pre-school in the village. The Baptist church located inside the village is strongly acting the evangelism with the children and has used this opportunity to take Jesus to these 19 families. The children in the villages do not have access to basic hygiene products like soap, toothpaste or toothbrush. So the action of PEPE and everything its projects offers have been very important for the children the future of the community.

In Guatemala exist approximately 24 different ethnic groups, with about six million indigenous. The extreme poverty affects 21,8% of the indigenous population compared to 7,4% of the non-indigenous population. Among the Quekchis indigenous exists a strong chronicle malnutrition that affects eight in each ten children.

Pray for our children and help us to take the love of God to all the Guatemalan villages.

Nora Mendoza
PEPE Coordinator in Guatemala