Changing lives through PEPE in San Tome

In a small community located in the South region of San Tome, with an approximately number of 250 inhabitants, a rainy climate and a population whose most of them live from the agriculture we started a unit of PEPE a few years ago.

That community needed the project due to the lack the families there had and the expressive number of children that did not go to school. The unit of PEPE “Little Seed” assists the less favored children between 4 and 5 years old. It was like that we met the boy Cleyson who by that time started going to PEPE and was 5 years old. After the age of leaving PEPE and join first cycle, the boy did not stop going on Sundays to the Bible School.

After a few years Cleyson got a deep knowledge about Jesus Christ and His love. When he was fourteen years old he understood the importance of Jesus Christ in his life. And that’s why on August 12th of 2018 he decided to say no to the world and say yes to Jesus Christ going down the water to be baptized and testify to the world that from that day and on Christ is the Lord and Savior of his life.

We say that God is in control of all the things and the details of this story is an example of this statement. The missionary educator Abdulay Sacramento, who was Cleyson’s teacher then, was the instrument used by God to take the firs teachings about Jesus to the boy. Today, after being called to the pastoral ministry, Abdulay Sacramento is Cleyson’s pastor and had the pleasure to baptize his ex student.

Anilza Quaresma
National PEPE Coordinator
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